The first thing that parents think of when taking the children to the playground is to worry about their safety. Designing a playground for the school or a day care is quite essential but it should only be done after careful thought and deliberation. You cannot just take up a few pieces of playground equipment and install them in an open area and call this space a playground.

In fact designing a playground is an essential part of any school and it can greatly improve the productivity and the creativity of the children. This is why you should have a detailed talk with your contractor about the kind of equipment that you want to be incorporated into the ground and how to make sure that it is safe for children of all ages. You what need to install age appropriate playing equipment and make sure that it helps enhance the children’s interest and allows them to learn while having a good time.


Why rubber playground surfaces are essential?

There are a whole lot of considerations that you need to keep in mind when designing a children’s playground.  You not only have to make sure about the safety of the equipment but also ensure that all surfaces must be shaded and should be fall resistant. For example you cannot stop the children from climbing the monkey bar but you can make sure that you cushion their fall so that they can get back on their feet and play without being hurt.

Play is an essential element of children’s physical and mental growth. In fact experts have now determined that any kind of play that the child indulges in can greatly improve their cognitive abilities and at the same time help promote their physical and mental growth. This is why there has been a great deal of stress given on using challenging material in the playground which allow children to make up strategies and follow them through.

Incorporating natural elements like wood in the forms of a treehouse or a cabin can allow for several hours of imaginative play. The tree house could serve as an interesting backdrop for the children. The use of challenging and sturdy nets can greatly improve their physical abilities and at the same time allow them to be more alert while climbing and devising a strategy so that they can get to the top. However there is a certain sort of risk associated with all these activities. Stopping a child from playing might have a negative impact on their problem solving skills. On the other hand if rubber playground surfaces are installed neither the parents nor the teachers would have to worry about the children getting injured due to fall.

Another benefit of these playground surfaces is the versatility and aesthetics that they offer to the play area. These come in a variety of colors ranging from bright and bold to the more subtle green. This is what makes them an excellent choice for all children’s playgrounds.

The playgrounds at Busy Bees Australia facilities all utilise foam to make it safer for the children. Give their facility a visit and see how they consider the safety of your children.